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Pro-Spinoza is a Belgian research project supporting the implementation of the Care Pathway for Primary Palliative Care (CPPPC).

The project is performed by the Research Group Palliative Care of the Univeristy of Antwerp. Along this project, it is investigated how the Care Pathway is implemented in 5 Belgian regions. Furthermore, it will be investigated whether this Care Pathway can help to improve the quality of delivered palliative care.

On the English part of this website you will only find a summary of our work, but in the Dutch and the French parts of the website, you can find information about the “pro-Spinoza” project, both the clinically related information, like the handbook of palliative care, the care pathway algorithm and the care file, and the information related to the scientific evaluation of the project.

This project is financed by the National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance of the federal government of Belgium.

We are always prepared to answer any questions about our project

The research team:

  • PhD-student Bert Leysen, researcher
  • MD, PhD Bart Van den Eynden, director
  • MD, PhD Johan Wens, director